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From $69/mo. No contract.
30-day money-back guarantee.
Special Offer for Google Ads customers. Fill in this contact form and I will provide you with a Free online demonstration of our platform. Alternatively, you can watch this Loom video.


As a professional artist, you want your pictures accessible to as many people as possible.


With The Website App, you get a blank canvas to start.


We build beautiful responsive google friendly artist websites that work seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.


Our founder, Peter Bishop has a Batchelor of Design (Graphic), 2001, and works closely with you on the style and theme of your website ensuring you get the custom design that matches your artworks.


Combined with PayPal Express Checkout, and a Members email system, The Website App offers a convenient way to sell your artworks online and contact your partons with regular updates.


Read our Testimonial from the Russian artist, Timur Shaimukhametov



To whom it may concern,

“I needed a website to post my creative work. 

When a friend told me about a programmer from Australia, I did not take the idea of ordering him to create a site very seriously. I didn't speak English and Peter doesn't speak Russian. But then miracles began – we communicated through an electronic translator, he from Australia, I from Russia. 

Peter works with the speed of thought - the site was created right before your eyes! Peter made both the Russian and English versions – I don't know how he did it! As a result, I have a great website – exactly as I wanted, I upload my work and for me, it is the best exhibition site in the world – it is inspiring to draw new paintings and add to my gallery. 

Can I now advise someone to contact Peter to create a website? Without hesitation, I answer – of course, Yes!”


Timur Shaimukhametov


Timur Shaimukhametov


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